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I went to the one in Birmingham today and wished I had stayed home. If I was in the market for a knife, bbq sauce, crappy holster, cheap flashlight, etc I would have been in heaven. Almost no .223/5.56 ammo, PMags were about $40 each, the few modern sporting rifles as well as AK type were double to triple what they were in early December. Looked at a Gen 4 Glock 19 for $559 which is typical for this area. The same dealer had a Steyr pistol in 9mm for $399 that I was tempted over but he is local so I am going to research as I don't know anything about those. It had a nice feel to it and the price is hard to beat. Most of the vendors had old crap, crappy crap, or stuff I did not want nor could afford. Usually there are two different shops there that have good priced but they were not there and there just wasn't much to look at. Guy in front of me in line sold a S&W AR, the sport one, for $1,300 before they opened the doors. Both the seller and buyer seemed happy so good for them.
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