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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Even if the IP was in the public domain, how do you expect poor people to be able to afford to build medical devices?
As to your previous post, you're right. I have no reason to visit China, so the cash RMBs will at some point be converted to USDs. As for getting paid in Euros or RMBs, it would have to be on a pre-set rate. Yes, I can get my paycheck, run to the bank, and ask them to buy RMBs or Euros at whatever the rate of that day.

If the life saving medical devise is in the public domain, any and all medical devise companies can manufacturer it, and put it out on the market (FDA approval, of course, etc...). Kind of like, but better than, a prescription for a... generic medication.

Or did I miss something about costs for a medical device that's patented, vs. same device in the public domain?
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