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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Why would you possibly want that? The RMB was pegged against the USD for most of its history, and only recently has the Chinese government been cautiously allowing it to float. The Euro has fluctuated wildly with the economic crisis of the last few years.

Besides, if you live in the US and get paid in Euros, you have to convert them before you can buy anything. That's kind of the reason why currency conversion exists, and why so many trade flows are denominated in dollars--because the US still makes a lot of what the world wants to buy.
Fortunately, we don't live off my measly paycheck. So being paid in Euros or RMBs (at a pre-determined rate, of course) would have given us some nice flexibility.

As for RMBs, I actually have several thousand RMBs at home (long story with my child) when the conversion rate was about 8 RMB to the USD. Now I see it's a little above 6 RMBs to the USD. Basically, that little "mistake" turned into a 25-percent return. I don't see RMBs getting weaker.
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