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Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
I will also add, much to the chagrin of many, that we have a 1 party political system with 2 divisions. There are exceptions, but, for the most part, there are very little differences between the 2.
This is very true. Both parties in the US are quite centrist, that's why they seek out wedge issues to differentiate themselves.
These politicians are elected before we vote for them. The invisible hand really had the fix in with Romney and Obama.
Nope. The only "fix" was in the fact that the Republican party ran such terrible candidates in the primary.

Why do you think that Sarah Palin was destroyed by the media and most politicians?
Because she had little executive experience, isn't all that intelligent or articulate, and is shrill and annoying.

She was a populist. She was a threat to the puppetmasters of the world. In their eyes, a populist would be the barrier to the assimilation of the U.S. into the world government.

The New World Order is on the horizon. The signs are everywhere, if you choose to see them.

If Sarah Palin was our last hope, we might as well give up.
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