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Arsenal SLR-106U Pistol Range Report

Ran 240 5.56 NATO Federal American Eagle XM193 FMJBT 55 Grain flawlessly and very accurate..
The real surprise was the trigger on this AK.
It's outstanding.

Employee came in to see WTH I was shooting.
He said it shook the walls - LOL!

Then some boxes of Silver State Armory 70gr 5.56mm TSX.
I'm getting FTF into the feed ramp about 1-10.
And it looks like the feed ramp is shaving the tips of my longer
HP ammo. _(*&+_)(**&_.

I thought these AKs would run on anything?
Maybe the 5.56/.223 was a bad idea?

Guess I'm shipping this pup back to the mother-ship for service.

I've read some of these guns can be hit and miss.
But the good ones rock!

(I feel like I bought a gen 4 Glock)
CRAP - Sad now.

AK friends wish me luck in getting this thing running right.
Overall quality of the gun seems outstanding.
If I can get it to run reliable I'll be very happy with this little blaster.

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