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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
This shows you are just selfish.

You think that the people losing their jobs because of the govt contracts being cancelled think the contracts are "cancelled without repercussions." You shouldn't be a cop; you seem to be less than truthful. Why do I say this? There are the same type of repercussion on people when any contract is cancelled you just dont care because there are no repercussions FOR YOU if they are cancelled. That is all you care about Paul. Why Paul? Because you sure dont mind taking from Peter.
Maybe you should read my post in the full context of what it was responding to.

So do you, or do you not, agree that new administrations can cut funding for existing projects/contracts/budgets?
Sounds like he has nothing left but be a monkey's uncle. It's not like he's got a monkey's manhood left.

And thank YOU for being perfect, all the time, every time. Go forth and reproduce. We need more of you.

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