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Originally Posted by Raven1967 View Post
Stuff was high at the gun show today here in Tulsa,Ok

Pmags $50 -$75
Colt 6920s $2000 and up
Cheap lowers $400 to $550
Glock 17 mags $55 to $75
Mini 14s $1000 to $1300

Same here in TX today, except the Colts are $3000. Also, AK's for around $1200. I did see one FEG AMD for 800 though. Couldn't bring myself to get it since they were $400 at CTD a month ago... Also saw a perfect like new gen 4 G34 for $550 private sale. I contemplated it, but don't want gen 4 so I let it go. I did find small pistol primers though...$170/5000. Snagged that
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