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I'm guessing you participate in a public pension too since you jumped back in to wave the stupid flag. I mostly ignored this earlier but we can go ahead and pick it apart since you're back in.

Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
Bind future legislatures for...

social programs like social security and medicaid?
Excellent example. The congress could end either of those programs tomorrow if they could grow a set of balls or believe they could weather the political storm. Period. End of story.

Social Security and medicare are nothing more than tax and spend entitlement welfare programs with a super powerful lobby.

programs like purchasing copier & toilet paper, office equipment, and such?
Of course. You think a legislature is somehow bound to purchase toilet paper on a multiyear contract that is iron clad?

programs like constructing capital infrastructure?
Yes. Those can certainly be defunded. Hell, DOD cancels new weapons all the time. There are threads right here on GT about it.

programs like building and running county/state medical centers (or even VA hospitals), which are usually the only Level I trauma centers in the area?
Without a doubt. In fact, Louisiana is currently considering this very thing with its old Charity Hospital system. After Katrina, the VA Hospital in New Orleans never re-opened.

The legislature has no constitutional requirement to fund a Level I trauma center. What was that about?

continued fundings for agencies such as EPA, FDA, DOT?
The Congress can absolutely defund federal agencies. Do you not remember the talk of the Republican House defunding Obamacare?

Do you know that there is a current law providing for a department to work with convicted felons who have served their time and wish to have their constitutional rights re-instated?

It has no funding.

Are you talking a blanket binding/non-binding? Or binding/non-binding with some programs/funding, while not with others?
There is no such thing as a multi year binding contract with the government.

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