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Originally Posted by happy seal View Post
Exactly, dude is trying to be nice and do you a favor and you flame him like he has rabies. Damn, friends like you are priceless!
You call $600 for a case of Tula doing someone a favor?

You might think he meant well offering it to me first, but all the nonsense he was giving me about how it was no longer going to be available (seriously?) and that $700 is the current price at gun stores tells me that he knew what he was saying wasn't true and that he thought I was too stupid to know otherwise.

Some desperate person flush with cash might pay that online but no gun stores are selling ammo at that price. I was at Academy the other day and they had cases of Monarch brass .556 for somewhere around $330 I think. The line was deep and they were out by the time I got to the front, but still, it was there for others at that price.

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