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Originally Posted by DanaT View Post
They will go or stay where they make the most money. Raise taxes in CA to where it is cheaper to go elsewhere and they are gone. Companies are much more loyal to money than anything else.

There is a reason Switzerland has the headquarters of so many companies in it (hint, 13% corporate tax and that is typically after the 10 year tax holiday)
CA is in a death spiral but it is going to take 20 years. Realistically it will just change the way CA works.

I forsee rich liberals running company HQ's here for the cool factor so to speak but the bulk of the work will be done elsewhere. Public employees will be the only real middle class. Someone has to teach the gangbangers in the schools until they drop out. Cops have to arrest them when they stab someone. Etc, etc, etc. Those public employees will make lots of money doing it because there is no one around who can or wants to do it. They will then leave for other states. The poor will consist of illegals doing unskilled labor, mostly agricultural.

Since you live in CO I expect you to be where we are now in 20 years, maybe less. Remember CA voted Bush in 1988. It was considered a toss up state in 1992. Who did your state vote for the last two elections?
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