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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
Vallejo went bankrupt. Pay and benes went to just below median for the area. There was no great victory for either side. You keep waiting to spank public employees but it isn't going to happen. The work still has to get done. You and your fellow taxpayers demand it.
What's the lesson there? You implied there was a lesson for DanaT if he read up on it.

I think what is happening with some smaller government folks is that they realize they are losing hearts and minds so they are trying to drive public employees out of the workforce. All it does is trim any fat and increase turnover. See SJPD for details. They are losing centuries of experience monthly.
I get it. You're a big government guy.

Actually what is happening is that we're sick and tired of being treated like tax cattle. We're tired of paying for unnecessary government employees and overpaying for the necessary ones. We're tired of seeing politicians spend our money irresponsibly with the contracts they negotiate with employee unions. We're tired of being effectively taxed by politicians who were in office before we were born.

Most of, as the article in the OP shows, there is a major crisis of public employee pensions looming and we know that the government is going to put a gun to our heads and take our wallet to bail them out.
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