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Originally Posted by 2bgop View Post
Try me.

How does a court force a legislature to appropriate money?In CA the Sheriff would. Or at the very least a lien/collections would be placed. What does the court do when a legislature says piss off?Find the person who made the decision in contempt. It could actually be the hoosegow or it could be just a fine. Take a look at some city's fight against pro 2A rlings.
Who appropriates to the money to fund the court system? The statehouse. But you are telling me they are going to cut funding to the courts? It would have to be all funding becuase as the courts have shown recently they can get by on crumbs if we get creative with the law. Judges do not like being told to pound sand.
When a state's court system submits a budget request, who does it go to? In CA there is no such thing as a budget request. You either get the money you would like or you don't. You still have to do the job. Of course civil actions take a back seat to criminal actions. BTW contempt is a criminal action.
When they present their request, who is the person they call Mr/Mrs Chairman/Woman?huh?
I don't know about your state but in CA this matter was handled in the 1940s. The only way out for a city is bankruptcy. Even then they are stuck with certain realities. SJ voters slashed pay and benes by ballot. They are bleeding good employees. The SO in my county just picked up a bunch of guys from SJPD. The resumes of these guys is impressive. Homicide, Narc, SWAT. And that is just one of their guys. I think they even picked up a Sgt. The Assistant Chiefs are bailing too. The Chief is leaving earlier than expected.

Like I said before you can stamp your feet all you want but it isn't goingt o change a thing. In case you didn't notice 2012 didn't turn out quite the way we would like. Of course I live in CA so I have watched this train wreck before.
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