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Nice write up!

Just a little FYI, the stock is beechwood as is all the Special/Trainer models. The Lux and Ultra Lux were the only ones with the Turk Walnut.

One thing that is with just about all the CZ 452 models is to check the stock as they almost always touch the barrel on the left side out near the forend.

The tool marks are normal for the 452/453 models as I understand it CZ runs the machine tools until they break. I understand that because the 455 is the base for all the bolt actions now, CZ changes tooling a little more often.

If you want a 452/453, IF you can find a new one, now is the time because CZ from what I'm told will no longer produce some of the 452 models and will faze them out all together because the 455 is the replacement model.


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