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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
But didn't the lawmakers vote to spend it on something else?

Should one group of lawmakers be bound by another group of lawmakers who are no longer in office?

What if the taxpayers want their money spent elsewhere and direct their representatives to do it? Is that not their right to have their views represented?

When a company's owners decide their money is better spent bonusing the CEO than building a new factory why are they wrong? It's their money.
It's not the owners of the company making the decision but their elected board. You have no more direct influence over what our legislators decide to do with our tax money than I do. We trust them to honor the commitments that were made when they established the pension system. If they don't want to fund it properly, they should just disband the pension, refund everyone's contributions and call it good. Then we'll see the quality of employee the government can really attract.
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