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Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
My friends here have been so good at keeping me in their thoughts and prayers and I thank you so much for all the prayers and good thoughts. I went to the doctor and xrays today. The xrays show that I HAVE NOT hurt the surgical site. The continued pain is a concern to them so they are having me go to 12 weeks of physical therapy. They believe the physical therapy will be able to help me get the correct back brace and will also help me get the new tens unit. They believe the therapist will be able to strengthen the muscles and lower the pain level so the meds can be lowered also.ÖThank you again for prayers and good thoughts. They truly are appreciated.
Prayers sent.

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OK Lone_Wolfe where are you?
Skidoo and SR would normally tell you to come out now.
Here I am telling Wolfe to come out of hiding and talk to us. I spoke with her and she is in a lot of pain from her surgery and from the changes she made in her pain meds. She needs prayers that some of the pain will be relieved soon.

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Here's hoping 2013 is a better year for all of you, than 2012 was for me. I'll just say that it was an epic suck year for me. Between losing friends on here, losing Jeff, one of the dearest friends I could ever imagine having, some things I've never mentioned here at all, Silent_Runner's issues, fighting my battle with cancer, I'll just say I'm glad this year is over. One good thig about this, is I can compare it to other years, and appreciate other years. Except the year I got shot, that is.

Here's to a much better 2013!!
I hope you and everyone here have a much better year in 2013.

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Happy New Year Lone_Wolfe, and everyone else too!

Today is Doggies birthday. She is 13!
Did you bake her a birthday cake?

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Lady G. is this better? This one is still waiting for LW to pet her til her fur falls off.
She is darling!
On here I'm an *** hole.
In real life I'm an *** hole with a gun. :supergrin:
Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe
I mean, Iím mentally ill, not mentally deficient! There's a difference between psycho and stupid.
Rest in Peace Jeff Abshire-1962-2012-aka 23Skidoo
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