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Sevigny, probably one of the best Glock shooters ever, didn't leave his stock. Spring changes, etc. (yes, I realize he no longer shoots Glocks, that's not the point)

Vogel, who might be THE best Glock shooter ever, has one named after him.

Funniest thing. I never hear a 1911 shooter buy a new gun and say "Let me run out and install a heavy/gritty ~5 pound trigger in this thing". Brian Enos in his book "Practical Shooting" (considered by most to be the Bible of competition shooting) talks about getting trigger work done to lower the pull, lightest possible he says. Strictly for improved performance. Not, "leave it heavy and learn to shoot it that way". It's only here on GT I hear that drivel from the leave-it-stock koolaid drinkers.

My buddy with the same setup is an 'A', IDPA Master and GSSF Master. Pretty sure Michael Hollar (GM who shoots around here) does similar stuff. Currently, I'm a mid-B, but shot my best classifier recently of an 80% which is mid-A. This after finally getting to join an outside range and getting to do better practice than an indoor range. I'll be looking to move into solid A this next year.

Yep. Imma listen to you. Who exactly are you again?
Ron M. ('59 is my birth year)

WTF?! How a cheap can an old, the old fart get?!

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