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How did I miss this train wreck of a thread?

I carried a 4" Wilson 1911 today, I carry either that or a 5" Bear, 5"Wilson or 4 1/4" Brown daily. I have a 5" .38 Super Wilson on order now that I will carry. All well over $2000. Why do I carry them? Because I shoot 1911s better than anything else and these are trust your life 1911s so why would I not carry them? I have had a CCW since 1994 and have carried all kinds of guns, 1911 carry extremely well.

I am 5'10" and 190lbs. Carrying a freaking 35-40 oz 1911 is not hard, it is just over 2 lbs for God's sake, man up! Get a decent holster and belt and it is as easy as carrying anything thing else.

I think Clint Smith said it best " a gun should be comforting, not comfortable " I feel just as comfy as possible with a 1911 strapped to the side

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