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Originally Posted by m2hmghb View Post
What a bunch of moronic retards. I've been eating candy cigarettes for near 23 years now and never had the urge to smoke. I wonder if they enforce it online as well?
It doesn't say anything about online. If you want to get into moronic, get a load of the language in the legislation.

"One such study concluded that 22% of adults who had regularly consumed candy cigarettes were regular or former smokers,..."

"Fire setting by juveniles has been identified as the fastest growing fire threat in the United States,..."

"In 2008, the U.S. Fire Administration made banning novelty lighters the goal of Arson AwarenessWeek."

"Examples of novelty lighters include, but are not limited to, lighters that resemble cartoon characters, toys, guns, watches, musical instruments, vehicles, toy animals, food or beverages, or that play musical notes or have flashing lights or other entertaining features."

"No person shall sell or offer for sale any imitation tobacco product or novelty lighter within the city."
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