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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post
Leave your modified parts in, and just change the striker spring back to the stock one.

The Ghost Rocket is a great connector, and the spring kit is great for decreasing the trigger pull even a little more. Those of us who do that, use Federal primers. I've shot over 30,000 rounds with this setup, have yet to have ONE misfire.

With CCI primers (what I used previously) I had about a 7% misfire rate. I could have put the stock striker spring back in, but just went with the Federals and not one problem since.

All of these "keep it stock" bozos are just repeating the koolaid they've heard others spew. Spring kits and *quality* connectors are fine, but you do have to understand the mechanics and potential drawbacks.

Note: I only do this in COMPETITION guns, my SD gun indeed has a stock striker spring. If it's a gun upon which your life depends, the less I would mess with it.
This guy's speed, is based on technique. If you learned the technique, which is particularly effective for Glock and M&P triggers, you'd understand why my wife and I both changed our competition guns back to 100% stock connectors and springs after the first time we took a TDSA class. You really can be faster and more accurate with technique and stock triggers than you ever will be with equipment fixes, unless you are somehow blessed with a trigger finger that is not connected by muscle to any other part of your hand.

And, yes, before I actually learned to shoot a Glock, startying about 7-8 years ago, I'd have said that equipment makes it better, same as you guys. I was where you are, before going back to stock.
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