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so i finally got her to the range.... put a few different loads through it.

winchester Wally world game/target loads 1200 fps: cycles fine unless i rapid fire. it choked several times. kinda disappointing. out of 8 rounds, it would choke one or two.

remington 00buck: cycles better. still choked once out of around 50 rounds.

remington 1oz rifled slugs: it seemed to like these, but i still had one failure.

win PDX1 rifled slug/3 pellets of buckshot: it liked these. i didnt shoot too many of them, but they work. cool round.

conclusion: I really expected more reliability. Im not sold on this auto, im sure many peoples work, but mine is not 100 percent. Its a HD shotgun, but i like to play on the range, so the fact that it wont cycle cheap target loads is a big negative.

i may go sell it to get a mossy/870 pump and a new carry piece.
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