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Originally Posted by lethal tupperwa View Post
you don't use that modified gun at any GSSF match in anything other than unlimited--right.
Lethal. Is GSSF the only competition around? Hardly. Last year I only shot 3 of them. I shot in probably 17 USPSA matches though. *****hole.

The gun I was referring to (Ghost Rocket with Wolff springs) is the one I use in USPSA. It's a G34. USPSA is what I shoot 2-3 times a month.

My GSSF gun is a G17 which has one of Vanek's GSSF legal triggers in it. However, *IT* comes with 3 replacement springs.
Not sure how that works as Glock only makes one of each spring. But it has a ~3 lb trigger pull according to Vanek. It's a fine setup, but at $150 minimum is pricier than what I want to spend for a gun I won't use in a GSSF match (like my G34).

Comparing the two setups? Honestly, the feel is pretty much the same pull wise, but the G34 with the Rocket has the overtravel stop which I prefer and is about $120 LESS than the Vanek setup. Of course, you have to know how to do the "ultimate" .25 trigger job to get there with the Rocket as you need to polish some stuff.

Lastly.... I shoot in Am Civ AND Competition divisions. And yes, G34s are legal there. However, I don't like switching between the two guns back-to-back like that. So I shoot my G17 in Competition first as a "warm up" to my run on same stage in Am Civ. I don't even take my G34 to a GSSF match. Just the G17 and my G30. About two weeks before a GSSF match I will put the G34 up and go practice 2-3 times with the G17 to get the feel of it again. They definitely have different "feels", which is why I don't try to shoot both of them at the same match. I did that ONCE two years ago, and did not do well and did not like it.

Anyway, point is my GSSF gun is legal so no need for the sarcasm.
Course, I could probably throw bricks and outscore you, not sure why I bothered replying.

So why don't you just take your "stock" gun and see if maybe you can break 120?
Leave the snide comments to those who can shoot.
Ron M. ('59 is my birth year)

WTF?! How a cheap can an old, the old fart get?!

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