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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
I have an idea. How about making a polite and coherent argument for why the government should step in and create a new kind of relationship that hasn't existed in our laws before.

Threats tend to turn people off. Besides, gay issues were way fown on the list of why Barry one. Barrakaclaus is good at bribing some with other people's money, and even money he never had.
I have traditionally always voted Republican. I am very financially conservative. I am a gun lover and agree with many libertarian ideas about government. I voted for Obama. I cannot support that party anymore. It had become far to evangelical. I do not qualify for free anything from the government as I make too much money. But the republican party has moved to far right and is in bed with these religious nut jobs. They hate homosexuals, women, atheists, agnostics, science, education and progress. I'll let Obama have my guns if he'll look after these things. I'll gladly surrender all my guns if we can shut the religious up and make some damn progress around here.
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