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I agree, dump the buffer & guide rod setup. I also agree that DT's velocity advertisements are WAY overstated & that Underwood is the better choice overall. That being said, the best woods/hunting round out there is DT's 200gr WFNGC. It will give you about 1150fps out of a G20 (advertised & 1300fps), but that's still plenty of power with a 200gr pill. The wide flat nose of the WFNGC hits like a freight train & cuts a nasty wound channel like a cookie cutter. Even at 1150fps, it has enough inertia to plow through anything big enough to be shooting a 10mm at. The 220gr TC loads are good velocity wise, but the tapered profile doesn't leave much of a wound channel, so they're less than ideal for anything other than pure penetration. I have shot 50+ rounds of DT 200gr WFNGC's through a stock barrel with no leading, so that shouldn't be much of a concern. At almost $1 per round, I don't think you'd want to shoot enough to lead up a barrel before cleaning anyway. I load all my own now, so I don't worry too much about cost per round anymore.
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