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I'm going to go against most here except for the buffer. Get rid of it as fast as you can.

The guide rod you have there is from Lone Wolf Dist. The very same one I use. It does save battering of the firearm, with the correct spring weight installed. Also make for less distance of ejected brass, again with the correct weight spring installed.

I have the 22 LB spring, and it works flawlessly with everything I run through my G20. From hunting hot loads to target light loads, has run perfect. Have even dropped it into my G21, and again runs flawless. My biggest reason for using the heavier spring is so I can find my spent brass, so I can reload it many times. If brass collection wasn't of interest, I'd have no problem running the lighter stock spring set up.

The last thing I would like to mention is DT, is no longer the go to 10MM ammo. is! Top quality at about half the price
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