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JFK rifle massad ayoob story

Originally Posted by RJ's Guns View Post
Good for your Dad.

I seem to recall from one of those shows on the JFK assignation that it was only a 60-yard shot. From all the BS that I have heard all those years, I was under the impression that the shots were hundreds of yards. Three shots in, what was it, 5-8 seconds (?), at 60-yards is a piece of cake. You do not have to be the dead-eye Dick, that the media has claimed all these years, to do that.
I recall an article massad ayoob wrote about Oswald and the rifle. He summed it up that Lee could well have done it. Plus! Lee was left handed and could have worked the bolt faster and not have had to move his eye from the sight, saving time firing.
It may have been in an American Handgunner mag. I wonder if I clipped and saved it. Massad pointed out that no one took into consideration on the speed shooting that Lee was left handed.

I have seen several other reviews on History or similar channels using the rifle that show it could be done. But even those did not show as Massad did, that being left handed, Lee could have shot faster.

He was a good shot too, having shot while in Russia.
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