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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Horse puckey.

I have one that I hit melon sized targets with at the same distance as Oswald and I was using iron sights from a bench. I did that when I was a teen at my Father's insistence while I was going through a "conspiracy" phase that I quickly outgrew.

Dad insisted I know what I was talking about when I opened my yap, and we had a Carcano that was a family "bring back" heirloom.
Good for your Dad.

I seem to recall from one of those shows on the JFK assignation that it was only a 60-yard shot. From all the BS that I have heard all those years, I was under the impression that the shots were hundreds of yards.

Three shots in, what was it, 5-8 seconds (?), at 60-yards is a piece of cake. You do not have to be the dead-eye Dick that the media has claimed, all these years, to do that.

Chalk it up to East Coast Media liberals that have never shot a firearm in their lives and are afraid of guns, to boot.
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