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Walther p22's

Originally Posted by sr556m9 View Post
Walther P22. With all kinds of ammunition that thing was a jammomatic. Can never recommend one to anybody.
I have 2 walther P22s. First one is several years old and is fairly reliable with only certain ammo 40 grains and very high velocity. I got a 2nd one about 2 months ago. This new one is a POS. FTC, fte,FTf, over and over. Even the brass would jam in the barrel and have ro be punched out. After 250 rounds it is getting better. But NO pistol should be this crappy out of the box!!!
New one only seems to like Thunderbolt .22s. Even CCIs don't work well!!!

I thought about getting the new small Ruger .22 pistol, and now wish I had.

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