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Need some guidance on a Glock 20...

Hi gents,

First off, let me say that I am a "glock guy" - having owned/been issued/religiously carried them for going on 20 years, now. However, that has primarily been 9/40 and I've usually been a big advocate of "leave it stock" aside from sights and threaded barrels for the ones with the cans...

I've recently traded for a G20, which I've been on the lookout for for quite some time. It's a lightly used Gen 3. My intentions are to use it as a sidearm while hunting (primarily hogs) as well as a defensive weapon when hiking/camping with the family (realistically talking about hogs/dogs/big cats and the very unlikely small black bear in the areas I frequent - as well as the ever present human threats).

In what little research I've conducted since picking up my 20, I've discovered the the 10mm glocks seem to have more followers who are proponents of leaving the "stock path" behind and using aftermarket guiderods, springs, etc. The 20 I picked up has the factory barrel, but an unknown captive guiderod and what appears to be a buffer. My gut reaction is to replace the guiderod/springs with factory and go from there.

However, I've included photos of the guiderod and buffer to see if I can get some opinions. Any tricks of the trade to tell what pound spring is used? Manufacturer? If so, what are your thoughts about running her how she sits?

Secondly, ammo seems to be a topic with little consensus. I'm solely concerned about:
A] Safety (don't want to touch off a round in the wilderness with my wife/kids and leave them dealing with the aftermath of a KB)
B] Performance on the threats I listed above.

Not terribly concerned about cost and long term battering of the Glock. Realistically, I'll probably shoot a few hundred rounds a year to stay familiar with the bigger frame and caliber, while the rest of my handgunning will be done with my 19's.

Any thoughts? If you wanted to seek out a couple hundred rounds to feed your G20 in the wilderness what would you be buying? DT seems to be the most widely endorsed mfr for this purpose from what I've read.

Thanks for your time!

Here are the pics of the guiderod/spring and buffer:

General Glocking

General Glocking

General Glocking

General Glocking

General Glocking
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