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Cold Bore Glock 20

Here are some pics of my 20 on which Cold Bore performed some plastic surgery.

Here's what I had done to the pistol:

-removed the Khardashian butt
-undercut the trigger guard
-recess the mag release area
-stippled 360 degrees with tactical texture
-trigger guard "memory" cut

I have some skateboard tape on the forward frame flat now--I should have had him texture that area as well. Not shown is an Arredondo mag extension that he also textured.

I am very pleased with the work. The pistol is much more controllable with Lance Armstrong (read: enhanced) loads, and I don't miss Khardashians butt at all. The grip texture is very aggressive compared with the factory stuff Mr. Owen also textured a Glock 19 at the same time with the "carry" texture, so I can compare both types side-by-side. The stippling looks the same visually, but the tactical texture is definitely deeper and more grippy.

I am absolutely in love with the memory cut in the trigger guard. This feature really seems to make the pistol snuggle down into my grip (snuggle seems an odd word to use in relation to a pistol). I did not have this memory cut done to my 19 sent in at the same time, and I regret it now.

Thanks Lane!

Click image for larger version

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