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Originally Posted by gogriz91 View Post
If you live n Maryland start emailing your Senators and Representative so you can continue to get mags and ammo for it, they're kind of brain dead when it comes to understanding private firearms ownership.
I emailed them. Got form letters back. They suck, but at least they left a loophole in the law that allows us to possess standard cap mags. The law says we can't buy/sell/trade/manufacture mags over 20rds capacity but possessing is legal. A lot of sites will break down mags into "repair kits" so you can take a drive up to PA and "fix" your broken mag lol. Also a lot of us gun guys will go to gun shows and snatch a bunch of standard mags there and bring them home. Totally legal. Don't know if the legislators know, or just dont care that there's a gaping hole in their law. It's been that way for as long as I've been shooting

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