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Taurus PT-40 Millennium Pro

I did not own it - a relative purchased it against my advice and then asked me to help him figure out what was "wrong" with it...

The trigger pull was as long and heavy as they come. The experience of actually firing the gun was was so inconsistent and the firearm so inaccurate that I couldn't even get on the paper at 7 yards - and we put at least 100 rounds through it.

Of those 100+ rounds, we had FTEs and magazine/feed ramp jams at least 7-8 times apiece.

It was just a miserable piece of junk.

I posted about it on here and half of GT jumped in telling me what great guns they are and that I must have been doing something wrong... LOL!

That must have been a freak day/occurrence because ever since I've seen nothing but Taurus bashing - at least when it comes to their autos.
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