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Originally Posted by JuneyBooney View Post
Place it on the classifieds here on gt and if the price is reasonable or the gun is popular it will sell. Then send it to an ffl for transfer. But remember that the first owner if the one most likely to be contacted if the weapon is used in a crime. Yes, even if you use an ffl.
I don't see much point in going through an FFL if state law doesn't require it. As you said, if ATF ever traces the gun, as they do on guns every day, they will still contact him and his answer will be the same either way. At best, the FFL provides some proof that he really sold the gun, but I don't consider that very important. "The serial number of the gun comes back to you" may make a good plot point in Sons of Anarchy, but it doesn't mean much in real life.

I guess if you sell it to a criminal and don't get his name and then he kills one of your family members or co-workers with it and leaves it in the ditch...but we're back to movies and TV again.
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