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Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
You didn't answer the question. I asked if Israel is a better place to live. I'm betting not. I'm betting you realize this too which is why you didn't answer.

I have no problem looking at countries to emulate as a means of solving some of our problems. But let's maybe emulate one that isn't basically under militant control by the government and isn't under constant REAL fear of daily rocket attacks. I've never seen video of Israel and thought "gee willickers that's where I want to live..."

That's all I'm sayin.

I have no hesitation accepting that America has its head up its own butt. But let's work toward a better place and not toward becoming a third world country.

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Would I move to Israel? Yes I would. They are one of the only countries in the world I respect. Why don't I? Because for better or worse, I love my country and will do what I can to ensure that I leave this country a better place for my children.
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