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I also stocked up quite a bit. It still disturbs me to see things get this way. I do not like the political environment and where things are going.

The panic buying goes way beyond 30 round mags and ARs. Even small carry gun mags are running low.

The law being proposed has me upset and worried about the future. I have always walked the straight and narrow. Now, the government wants to say I am to be treated like the nut cases, robbers, rapists and terrorists? The want me to register weapons and not be allowed to sell them? My kids will be unable to inherit many of my guns?

I am still working out how to deal with this. I am okay with deeper background checks if they make sense. I am okay with drug testing. I am okay with finger printing. I do all this and more for my job.
Just do not try to infringe on my rights.
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