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Originally Posted by JuneyBooney View Post
The 39-2 was carried by some police forces back in the day. It was prone to jams when limp wristed and was ammo sensitive. But overall it was a decent handgun.

My worst gun is a Rossi 357 revolver that is very ammo sensitive and gets to where the cylinder will not turn. I was given a Jennings that would be considered junk but it is actually more accurate than my 642 because of barrel length.

I had a Rossi 642(2in. stainless), the trigger was not the best. Other then that it ran perfect, and pretty dang accurate. I fed it every thing from reloads, cheap fmj, and Hornady SD rounds. (All 38) The few times I ran 357, they also ran flawlessly. I know two other people who both liked theirs, but hey it is Taurus I'm not surprised that they put out some lemons.

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