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Sorry, I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago.....

The plan for the new range in McHenry is is NOT gonna happen.
Let me explain:
The building that was planned for the new range, & approved by the McHenry city council has a problem with ASBESTOS issues. The person that was planning on buying it & building the new range & the current owner couldn't/wouldn't come to an agreement as far as to who was going to pay what to resolve the problem. The prospective owner wanted a reasonable concession from the current owner, who was apparently willing to give none.
So the deal is off, the flea market/stolen junk sales continue, & McHenry doesn't get a nice new range.
tallen122, no, the basement range (HP Shooting Center) is located in the building that has been a gun shop/range since the very early 70's, and was not the business that was going to build the new range. I worked at that shop 4 owners ago, starting in 1997, but currently work at HB Arms, located in Lakemoor, about 3 miles east on 120. Unfortunately, we don't have a range. I do shoot at HP, and the owner is rather a decent chap. There are .22 cal. shoots on the 1st & 3rd Fri. of the month, starting about 6:00 PM.

As far as Marengo Guns, they have extremely low prices, due to the fact that they seem to make most of their income from the coin/gold business. Guns just seem to be a sideline, even thou they have a large selection. Having never been there, I can't honestly comment on customer service.

uncle albert
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