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Originally Posted by RJHUB View Post
I found one used at LGS a few weeks ago. They never have any. It shoots great. 617-2 with alloy cylinder. Does not seem to matter. Shoots great. Keep looking and one will pop up.
I dont feel sorry for you since you have the ol Diamondback to fall back on. I love all things Colt.
The 617 does shoot really good and mine has a great trigger.
When I was looking for a double action .22, I saw a used aluminum cylinder 6" 617 in mint condition for a fair price. I thought about it and the gun felt good, but I ultimately went for an all steel 63 j frame 8-shot with a 3" barrel.

To the OP, as a matter of curiosity, the 63 is extremely accurate. And the single action trigger is awesome in it. But double action with it is a real bear

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