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Originally Posted by merlynusn View Post
The difference is that Israelis know the world is a violent place and believe that violence could come knocking on their door at any time. We here in America think the world is a great place with roses and "how could that happen" is always stated after violence comes knocking on the door.

America's perception toward the real world is skewed. That is really the problem.
That's it, in a nutshell. It amazes me just how people could be so blissfully ignorant of the real world around them, and yet it seems that they are the VAST majority of this country. It's like this country is blindly going down the path to it's demise, and most everyone has their head in the sand (or other places....) and not bothering to look up and see if their perception even closely resembles reality. Those that do look out and try to warn are told to sit down and shut up, you're paranoid.
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