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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
Why is anyone here upset about this?

This situation was predicted long before the election, in which despite what some TV personalities were predicting, the President was leading. Why did you wait?

You don't have to buy at the inflated prices or your demand becomes more modest. If you are a competitive shooter you may need more magazines than most of us need for self defense, but then that is a cost of you doing business.

This X 1,000!

We all knew it was coming (or at least should have.)

It's their fault if they waited until now to buy. That's life!

As soon as the ban was lifted in 04, I spent a small fortune on guns, ammo, mags, ect.

That way when another ban would roll around (which I've been convinced was inevitable) I could sit back and watch everyone get swept away in the frenzy.

It's fun to watch people pay several times over what things are worth just because they believed their own BS that this wouldn't happen again.

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