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Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
Yes but I don't want to live in Israel. Or anywhere resembling it.

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But if it works, why not have it here?

We live in a fantasy bubble where we think just because we are America, we can do things the same way while the world changes around us and somehow, nothing will happen because we are Americans.

The fact is that our peaceful living and lifestyle is protected day and night endlessly by those who work behind the scenes seamlessly so that our society continues on its ignorantly blissful ways.

At some point, it becomes untenable to continue and people have to face reality that not everyone in the world, including those who are here domestically, want what's good for America. We need to face the threat face on, and that will be ugly, guaranteed, and perceptions of our society will be shattered. There's no other way.
Originally Posted by blueiron:
I've said it before and I'll say it here: they'd look better with lividity.
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