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I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but I'm hoping someone has a Safariland 6360 for a Glock 17/22/31 a TLR-1/M3 that is sitting around they don't need. It's not something that I expect anyone to just have collecting dust, but you never know until you ask.

And even though it is not the purpose of this thread, I could purchase one if someone has one for sale, so private message me.

Oh, and I need either the plastic STX finish, or the Safari-laminate smooth leather finish. Basketweave is a no-go.


Originally Posted by Ohio Copper View Post
anyone know where i can find a leather swivel radio holder? like the Motorola ones??
For what model? I've got one I can try to find. I think it was for an X2500, but I can't remember. I haven't used it in a while, but if I can find it I will let you know.
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Rest In Peace Mom! I love you!!!!
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