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Originally Posted by GLOCKG21 View Post
thats what i have got.g20 with lone wolf conv. barrel. the max oal dont matter to much as long as it chambers and feeds?
Correct, essentially. If you are a lot longer, you may need to adjust the charge a bit. Maybe take advantage of the gained case capacity. How long you can go depends on the chamber throat and leade. Don't seat so long the bullet is against the taper or rifling.

I use some 9mm Luger bullets, 124 gr. SJSP, that have a cannelure that makes them fairly long. No problem with the wide point. They are .355", so I don't know how they'd work out if they were a .356"+ cast. The LRN's I use have a short ogive, unlike the Luger bullets, so they are flexible with the seating depth. I may give them a try, just to see how long they will go.
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