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Originally Posted by GLOCKG21 View Post
ok.tried the 125gr lead rn. neck is to long to get a crimp on the bullet.what if you use 40 s&w case?it would have a shorter neck so you could get a crimp on the bullet.right?
It depends on the cast bullet. If it's a 125 LRN, dedicated to the 9mm Luger, the long ogive will prevent deeper seat and crimping. Try seating it the shortest you can and still engage the case mouth without over-crimping, and check it for magazine fit and chambering. I've done this, but using a G20 magazine and .357 conversion barrel.

Using a .40 case won't be any different. I make my .357S and 9x25 brass from their parent cases, almost exclusively. I have used very few actual factory necked cases. Shortening the neck would result in a worse condition, than a sloppy crimp. Unless the bullet has a cannelure, very little neck tension is a result of the crimp. Shortening the neck will result is less tension.
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