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Honestly ive never had a bad or worst one so I will go with most DISAPPOINTING one which would be the Glock 23. Didnt care much for the .40S&W round and its gone from my lineup forever(just as soon have the .45 ACP as it does everything the .40 will and with a nicer recoil). But on to the Glock its self...ive still only found 1 Glock out of their whole lineup (the 36) that actually fits my hand well..all the rest have what I call the industry worst grip+grip angle...just horrid...Owning a Glock turned me into a non glock owner...I was a kool-aid drinker/glock lover till I owned one and found out how BAD the grips were. Went from having a gun id always wanted to own(could never afford the glock) to owning one and hating it lol.

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