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Originally Posted by emt1581 View Post
I could do that. I haven't been to wal-mart in weeks though. I'm betting their shelves are bare except for the oddball stuff at this point. I may mosey on over just to take a gander at some point today. I need to stop at Tractor Supply for more Carhartt pants anyway...


Not near my stock of ammo right now..

..and I do not like to dip into my stock with me..(approx 2K) I have been relying on the local Walmart/LGS for ammo.

Though I picked up a brick of 225 rds of .22 LR this week..

..the previous grocery runs yielded no 9mm, no .223 & no .22 LR

Sorta like an Easter Egg hunt...after everything has been picked clean!
"Got Preps"??

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