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Originally Posted by OMDonald View Post
$5.00 per can for 20 years is $0.25 per can per year. What am I missing here?

Because the protection I listed is not for one can of ammo..

..but the number of cans to protect the entire 20,000 rds of .22LR

In my case....6,600 rds in bulk packs per "Tall 50" (@ $15 each x 3 cans)..

..or in his case maybe 6 cans.

Yes...he will spend less than my more densely packed method..

..but certainly not $0.25 a year...

..more like $1.50.....still very cheap insurance for the price of 20K ammo now..

..much less the inflated price & possibly limited availability of 20K of .22 LR in 20 years from now
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