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Originally Posted by barth View Post
Oooooo that looks nice.
One big score deserves another?

I've been kicking a like thought around too...
Ed Brown Kobra Carry
Heckler & Koch Forum

But as for the 10mm?
This guy was shooting a 30 cal AMT Automag 1911 beside me the other day and got me thinking about pistols in rifle calibers.
So this Obama Commemorative pistol arrives next week. What do you think?
Heckler & Koch Forum
I think it's pretty darn awesome! I was thinking about getting a AK pistol a while back but I never did. I don't know why. They are a blast to shoot and loud as heck!

As far as Ed Brown is concerned, his guns are top tier. I had a Executive Target that I sold to a co worker a while back.

Maybe in the future, I'll get another one. It was a super accurate gun and cycled everything I put in it.

It's also the only 1911 I've ever personally owned that never malfunctioned once!

You'd be good to go with the Brown and the carry model is sweet!
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