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Originally Posted by GRIMLET View Post
Is anyone thinking about attacks on school buses. If the schools all have SRO and someone wants to hurt multiple kids they could stand at a school bus drop off point with a hidden pistol and enter/attack it when it stopped and the door was open. A person wouldn't look out of place standing by waiting for their kid to be dropped off.

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I've always been more concerned about sporting events. My wife's high school has 1900 kids and puts about 5000 in the stands under the Friday night lights. We also have bigger schools - 3000 to 5000 students - that are drawing close to 10,000 spectators on game night.

You could do some damage. Even with 6 armed officers on foot patrol at a football game the LE response would be pretty limited - think thousands of people running through the single entrance/exit and practically stampeding the responding officers.

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