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Originally Posted by oldman11 View Post
So you don't think your children are worth that much, huh?
It's simple economics.

Given the small number of occurrences and the large expense, it's completely unfeasible to pay for a police officer to sit in every elementary school all week long. If such a plan was implemented, it would result in a significant increase in taxes to justify the staffing increases. People might (big might) be willing to deal with that today, but in six months or a year when Newtown is another place "where something happened once", they won't.

On the law enforcement side, such a plan has recruiting problems, too. I don't think you're going to find a lot of guys who are going to want to do it week in and week out. It's definitely not what I signed up for, and I can do a whole lot more good the vast majority of time on the street. That means you end up with one of two types of officers in the schools: retired-on-duty folks or new inexperienced folks. Both are better than nothing, but neither are ideal.
"Logic is rarely the engine that propels a police department forward."

-David Simon in "Homicide"
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