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Originally Posted by w30olds View Post
From my personal experience every time I've gone through one of these road blocks the cops already act like your guilty. No matter if you've been drinking, or not. It's like they are trying to trap you into saying something to incriminate yourself.

The first question he asked me up front was "What have you had to drink". I told him. Then "Where are you coming/going to". So I answered his questions. Then he got an attitude like I insulted him.

I was in my Mustang when I went through the road block. It's modified a lot and he proceeds to shine his flashlight around inside. Asks why I had a roll cage in the car. Then looks under the car to make sure I had the catalytic converters on my car. Was looking for anything to site me for. Cars street legal. Ridiculous.

I'm all for getting drunks off the roads. No problems with it, but when the cops act like they are some sort of god that's out of line.

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